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I work for a leading airline, British Airways, and it’s going through change and the whole business is being restructured due to Covid and I want to stay in my job. Carla could see a chance of promotion in the future.

Today was a quiet day, so I thought I’d check my twitter account and as if by magic – Carla’s name appeared. I was the first one to see it seconds after she posted so I saw it as a … Continue reading

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After the reading I’m feeling happy and much “lighter.” AND – an hour after our phone call ended my son came and apologized for the nasty argument we had the night before! Thank you Carla!!

I had a great reading from Carla a few hours ago. One of my questions concerned my 23 year old son and a blow up we had the night before. Tuning into him, she connected him with music but didn’t … Continue reading

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I anticipated good news and didn’t get the good news I expected. Carla spoke truth. She touched me with exquisite knowledge of my son’s passing that covered everything that my heart asked for since his passing last year.

Expectations are funny. I had several expectations when I asked for a reading. I look at my experience objectively now as it is in my history. I always expected wonderful things from everyone. My mother never looked at anything with … Continue reading

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Carla knew about his past which was really crazy and told me things that left me speechless. She knew about an offer that was made from a family member and encouraged me to take it as I knew in my heart was the right thing.

In knowing what I needed to do I needed to hear it from someone else who didn’t know me. Sometimes our hearts grow heavy because we know what we need to do but just aren’t sure and want that guidance. … Continue reading

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