Welcome 2015 with Open Arms, Abandon, & Crystal Clear Intent!

Well, we made it out of the restrictive shacklings of 2014 through the expansive gates of 2015!  Ahhh, now take a deep, purifying breath … you’ve earned it. Every single one of you. My sense is 2015 will free each of us to allow a clearer perspective, leading the way with a fresh “mission statement”Continue reading “Welcome 2015 with Open Arms, Abandon, & Crystal Clear Intent!”

Psychic Medium Carla Baron TV Series, Updates, Contact Information

UPDATE: Ok, this is more of a personal update from me to you, my devoted fans over the years. (But an important one, nonetheless.) As you know – I am currently signed w/ a known production entity back east in Philadelphia, PA. (Nancy Glass Productions) Our contract was for 6 months (ending mid-October), even thoughContinue reading “Psychic Medium Carla Baron TV Series, Updates, Contact Information”

Career Confessions: Carla Baron – Psychic Medium

Originally posted on Career Confessions:
Carla became known throughout the globe for her real-life portrayal of a psychic crime fighter, starring in the hit TruTV (formally Court TV) series, “Haunting Evidence,” now in worldwide syndication. In fact, Ms. Baron actually coined the term “psychic profiler” years before this series was even in development, as numerous articles /…