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“But the most surprising aspect of my reading was about my profession. Without any prompting, Carla told me that I would pursue a career in the publishing industry. I have been thinking about a writing career for a long time and have often considered working in publishing. I’ve never shared these aspirations with anyone!”

The first time I spoke to Carla was about ten years ago. My reading was incredibly accurate. She knew things that I hadn’t even told my family or friends, including the fact that I was planning to move across the … Continue reading

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The Best Psychic Reads, Getting Into The ‘Zone,’ and the Takeaway

As I enjoyed my cup of fragrant Kona, laced with a touch of Vanilla Nut & Coconut Creaminess this warm southern Cali summer morning – my mind was drifting to thoughts of psychics, and readings, and why is it that … Continue reading

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