Days after… that’s when I remembered Carla’s prediction, and knew this is my soulmate. She nailed all the details and pretty much the timing!

I’ve been a client of Carla now for well over 6 years, which should tell you something.

This is not my first testimonial and definitely not my last, as she always gets her timing and predictions right!!

So this testimonial is about a reading I had last year in the summer of 2018. I called to get some answers about this guy I started dating. Carla said she didn’t see it getting serious as this guy just got out of a serious relationship. She was right cuz things didn’t move along with this guy. I was hoping to hear different, but she says it like it is (doesn’t sugar coat it.) During this reading, she says that there is someone for me who is my soulmate. I answered saying I don’t really want anyone else as I’m only interested in the guy that I’m calling about.

She went on to say this guy that is my soulmate – he is ending a relationship. He has 2 kids and travels to my city for work. I will meet him at end of the year in December. I just said ok, not really giving it much thought or excitement as I had hopes with this other guy.

As the months went on – like I said – nothing was happening or moving with the guy I was seeing. We stopped seeing each other and there was very little communication.

In the first week of January 2019, a close friend invited me out for drinks but I wasn’t feeling up for it. They kept insisting and insisting, so I finally gave in and went. Just after an hour at this bar talking to a few friends I haven’t seen in a while, I spotted HIM and knew there was something about this guy I really liked. Long story short, we hit it off instantly. We even kissed that night and we both said we’ve never kissed anyone like that – which felt incredible. Indescribable feeling!!

Days after … that’s when I remembered Carla’s prediction, and knew this is my soulmate. She nailed all the details and pretty much the timing!! So the reading I did a few days ago, we shall she about the predictions Carla gave me and keep you posted.


Toronto, Canada


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