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Souls + Reincarnation Following 9/11

#NeverForget #September11th Tuning in psychically to the mass exodus of souls from this earth dimension on that fateful day .. My strong impressions are that most of these souls have reincarnated at this time. The souls were meant to leave … Continue reading

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I lost my older sister 40 years ago and often think of her and miss her and think about what might have been. I have felt many times like a spider or insect was crawling in my hair, and would quickly brush my hair to knock anything out. Carla hit me out of the blue by telling me that my older sister who has passed on, visits me, and plays with my hair!

I had my first reading with Carla today and I am feeling a great sense of relief. I have spent decades wondering if I was a victim of sexual molestation or not. Carla confirmed for me that I was not … Continue reading

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