“Since I started talking to Carla at the beginning of the summer, her predictions have continued to come true. I am still absolutely amazed how she predicted the new man coming into my life.”


I spoke to Carla again a few days ago because I just wanted some reassurance regarding a relationship I am in and where things are headed. Since I started talking to Carla at the beginning of the summer, her predictions have continued to come true. I am still absolutely amazed how she predicted the new man coming into my life. She has told me many things about this man which are completely true.

In our latest reading for example, Carla told me he has a lot of work on at the moment and this is true as I have noticed that he is working very late and has started to work at the weekends too, which is something he never does. Carla also told me in our most recent reading that this man is in love with me. I am 31 years old and I have had enough experience with men by now to know when someone is in love with me or not and I think Carla is correct about this. Carla also told me that I am also in love with this man. Now, this is something I won’t even admit to myself after being very hurt in the past but I know deep down she is correct.

Carla has also told me in our past few readings that another man will come into my life who she has described as being ‘powerful’ and ‘younger’ than me. She originally predicted this man will come into my life in September. Well, in September, a man who I dated in the past started to contact me again and now we are planning to meet up. This man is younger than me. Also, a couple of years ago I had a tarot card reading and this man came up as the ‘King of Swords,’ which represents a very powerful person. With this knowledge in mind, I gave Carla the name of the man I thought it could be and she confirmed that this was the man she was talking about.

Until I started having readings with Carla, I was convinced that I was meant to be with my ex boyfriend. I had had a few readings with other psychics over the years who all told me that my ex was the man for me. Carla is the only person who told me that this man was not for me because he doesn’t want what I wanted. As much as this really hurt when Carla told me this, she was correct because since I have started readings with Carla, I have found out that this my ex has now met someone else and is very happy with her, despite the other psychics telling me that he wasn’t even looking at other girls because he was still in love with me!. I love the fact that Carla doesn’t sugar-coat things! I would much rather she was honest with me than just telling me things to make me feel good. However, a reading with Carla always leaves me feeling uplifted because she has such a lovely way of delivering the information she receives.

My readings with Carla always focus on relationships. However, for some reason we started to talk about my job in my first reading. Carla told me that I needed to change my job and that although I was scared to make this change, I really needed to do it. In September I finally changed my job and it has had such a positive impact on my life. I changed my job because in September I found out that my future in my previous job wasn’t secure and I have recently found out that everyone who is employed by this company have since had to take a big pay cut. Thank goodness I changed my job when I did!

Barcelona, Spain

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