Carla is the real deal. She has not mentioned anything to me in our 3 readings that has been wrong! She has been right about every detail. I have had these wounds for 19 years since I walked up upon my cousin’s dead body, and they can finally be healed now thanks to Carla’s generosity of sharing her gift!

I want to start off by saying that Carla has permanently changed my life for the better! During my last reading with Carla, we discussed a negative spirit that lived in my deceased cousin’s home. I remembered about a month after I visited my cousin’s home, that I was asleep in bed one night at college and woke up to something growling at me and slapping me hardly across the chest. I was absolutely terrified! I couldn’t sleep for the rest of the night and just laid in bed with the lights on praying. I knew that I needed to talk to Carla again to make sure that I was safe.

I know that I can sense spirits and they are attracted to people that can sense them. As soon as I started my reading with Carla, this spirit that slapped me across the chest made itself present in her living room where she does her psychic readings by phone, and knocked over 2 empty boxes that were not nearby anything else. It startled her, and we both shared a few nervous laughs talking about it. What she shared in her facebook post is the exact story she shared with me about this spirit. I reminded this spirit of his wife in that Great Depression Era lifetime, and Carla had sensed that he wanted to abuse me as he always did in that life.

I was terrified. He certainly did make his point clear to me, by slapping me awake and to Carla – by knocking over her boxes. My cousin Joe apologized to me and Carla recommended that I buy some smudge sticks made of sage to protect myself and my home from this spirit being attracted to me! I will definitely be doing that!

Also before my reading, I repeatedly asked my cousin Joe to mention his dragon tattoo that he had across his chest to validate that he could really hear me when I talked to him. This was not intended in any way to test Carla’s ability. I’ve known that her abilities are real even before I first spoke with her.

I wanted to test my own skills and see if Joe and I were actually communicating. He didn’t disappoint me! He even stepped it up a notch and showed Carla something on his right arm. After the session, I asked my parents if he had a tattoo on his right arm. They said that he did, in fact, have a tattoo on his right and left arm along with the tattoo across his chest. What better way to confirm it was him to mention a tattoo that I didn’t even know about! That’s way better than mentioning the one I already knew about. My parents couldn’t remember what the tattoo was, however. Once I figure that out, I will share! I’m sure it will have significant meaning!

Carla said he was also associated in some way with an “anchor” symbol. My family couldn’t remember this, but when I finally figure that out, I will happily share that too! He had also communicated to me that he was stressed out about $4,000. He actually wrote it for me on a piece of paper in a dream and something about his address and property. I asked my grandmother about this after the session and she said that sounds like the exact amount he would’ve paid per year for his property tax. Those were Carla’s EXACT WORDS said to me in my reading moments ago!!! (I am getting chills as I am writing this.)

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