Dead Men Do Tell Tales – A Good Psychic Medium Can Interpret The Signs

I had the pleasure of having another reading with Carla today. I have psychic abilities myself. I didn’t realize how strong they were until my reading with Carla. Since I was 5 years old, I have been praying for the answer to my cousin’s death. He was my father’s best friend and first cousin. They looked alike and acted alike. I communicate with him often, usually in dreams. About a year ago, he gave me the image of a red sports car. He wanted me to know that had something to do with his death. Since I was only 5 years old when he passed, I knew nothing about a red sports car. I asked my grandparents if he owned a red car of if anyone he knew did. They told me that his girlfriend at the time drove a red sports car. What an amazing discovery!

I wanted to see if my psychic image was correct, so I asked Carla what the red car that I was seeing meant. (I had not shared with Carla any information at all about what I knew.) She said “…it was a symbol of the passion that he had in this relationship, this relationship meant everything to him. When it ended, he lost the will to live.” Carla was so right!

In my previous testimonial, I wrote about a message he gave me in my dreams – “…to forgive a person for their misadventures.” Misadventure is not a word that I frequently use. I looked it up in the legal dictionary and got this definition – “a death due to unintentional accident without any violation of law or criminal negligence.” During my first reading with Carla, she stated that his death was the result of him playing Russian- Roulette. He had given me the answer to his death. I just didn’t trust my psychic abilities enough until talking with Carla.

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