There’s a dark spirit haunting my home. Carla was dead on in her psychic reading on what is happening, and how to get rid of this entity once & for all!


I am so blessed that I’ve found Carla… she is amazing at what she does!

I had another reading done by her today. I’ve really lost count now on how many I’ve had done since Feb. of this year – I’m slowly getting questions answered that I’ve been wondering about for so many years! And Carla takes her time, and is extremely patient and professional with you!

Today I asked about my obsession with my bedroom closet and having to have the door shut all the time. I mean – I freak out if the door is open! My husband thinks it’s a silly thing, but I just can’t stand to have the door open.

What Carla told me is that it has to do with a spirit of the person who had sexually abused me as a child! That the nightmares are coming from him. And the darkness – the evil of him – is what is haunting me, and that it will get worse, unless I take care of this NOW. Carla said that it will cause major problems in my house (esp. with the water, like water leaks and mold, mildew, etc.) She also sensed that I have problems around my chest area and breathing because of it, such as coughing etc. (Carla was point on about all of that!)

This last week especially, I’ve been awoken at night by a ‘spirit,’ and it felt like someone had poked something into my ear! It hurt so bad when I was asleep and after I woke up. The nightmares have been really bad this past month.

Carla explained how to get rid of the spirit, and to cleanse the outside of my apartment after removing the spirit!

It’s sort of sad, I remember the abuse started when I was 3 years old. I’m not sure if it happened before then. It was my babysitter’s husband. They had me from the time I was 9-months old, until I was 11. Now I know what to do to get rid of him. Thank you, Carla.

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