So she had to switch mode and come at it as a ‘Medium’ .. as if working a ‘Crime Scene.’

I called and had a reading again with Carla. This week has been extremely emotional – starting last Sunday, my brother went to the ER, and my girlfriend’s boyfriend had a stroke at a early age. I could feel something else had happened, but I couldn’t place my finger on what. I had a reading with Carla earlier in the week about my brother. A lot of questions got answered.

Well, on Thursday, I found out that a dear friend of mine had taken his own life. And it weighed heavy on me, because no one was saying how it happened, or why it happened. It just seemed so out of character for my friend – he was such a sweet, outgoing, loving person – the type that would give you the shirt off his back.

So, for a day or two, I thought and thought and couldn’t wrap myself around it. I decided to give Carla a shout-out and talk with her. Within minutes, I got a response back from her. She’s so great about that! I got a time for a reading within 45 minutes of sending in the request.

Carla started the reading, but she wasn’t getting everything she always gets in ‘intuitive’ mode, and the things she was picking up seemed a bit off. So she had to switch mode and come at it as a ‘Medium’ .. as if working a ‘Crime Scene.’ She indicated that some don’t realize that suicide is actually a ‘crime’ against oneself. As soon as Carla switched ‘mode’ and switched her tarot card deck to the one she uses for crime scene work – she was ‘in the zone,’ and things came rushing forward. She also channeled through my departed friend’s ‘Guardians’ instead of through him, because he’s still trying to accept and understand it all.

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