Accurately predicted events on a couple relocating, their jobs, selling home, health issues… even timing!


Hi Carla!

I wanted to send you an update from our last reading as well as an update from our read this afternoon.

I had a reading with you back in November. Here is a recap of what you said and the outcome:

You said that you saw me and my husband moving to the northwest, somewhere like Oregon. That my husband would leave first, could be as soon as the end of January and that I would stay behind and take care of everything down in California, that I would follow him up a few months later. You said we would have NO PROBLEM selling our house and that it would go very fast.

A week or 2 after the reading, my husband stumbled upon a job opportunity that had openings in Oregon and Seattle. We decided on Seattle. He had to complete a class to get the job, the class was the first week of January. Once he completed the class he was hired. He left for Seattle the last week of January, just like you said, I did stay behind to sell the house, and like you said it sold very fast. The first day it was listed we had 15 offers. I will be heading up there 3/23, (a few months after he left, just as you predicted!)

You also told me that my work was doing a re-organization and that I should quit. You said there were people who would get let go before me. You said it would be mid-January. That was 100% correct. The 2nd week of January some very good employees were – in fact – let go, and a re-org did take place.

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