Carla had no way of knowing about the pregnancy. I had revealed absolutely NOTHING to her!

I called Carla because I was stuck in a situation I needed someone who didn’t know me to give me their opinion about my situation. Carla knew exactly what was going on, knew what was going wrong in one relationship, could tell me that I was so happy in my new relationship and that I needed to leave the bad relationship as soon as I could.

She told me that my married relationship had problems because of unspoken pregnancy issues. This had NOT been discussed with many people. Carla had no way of knowing about the pregnancy. I had revealed absolutely NOTHING to her!

She also told me that my ‘husband’ is stuck in a past relationship and we were going nowhere. She said he was not moving anywhere in his life, and that we were stuck in a bad rut. Carla relieved much of my anxiety on what to do with my ‘other’ relationship that IS making me happy, she asked me why I was holding myself back – she said this guy and I were “two peas in a pod and perfect”.

She helped me realize that I can make this change and that my kids will accept/love me no matter what even though “I pushed them out”. Carla helped me see decisions that I need to make, and that I will be okay in making them. I know now that my ‘husband’ needs to be by himself, and I need to let him do that.

Thanks again, Carla, for the reading. It has helped me in many ways.

Morgan, NC

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