After I went over all the details, my husband looked at me and said, “I don’t know how to explain what just happened to you, but everything she said was pretty damn accurate.”


Three years ago, I lost my mom and my best friend Alex in the same year. My whole life I had believed in an afterlife as strongly as I knew the sun would rise everyday. But when I had my year of death (as I have come to call it), my faith seemed shattered.
Where were Alex and my mom? Did they exist as a soul somewhere?

As teenagers Alex and I bonded over God, big questions about life and plenty of verbal sparring. We met on a church bus when we were 15. Although our life had taken us a long way from that church bus, he was my most essential sounding board. I would talk with him about my doubts, but he was gone. My biggest fear was that we (all of us) would dissolve into nothing when we die, leaving my mom and Alex lost to me.

So, after a fairly convincing connection where Carla describes how Alex died (exactly), spoke of the nicknames Alex and I had for each other, detailed his brotherly protectiveness of me and other intimate details, I was most certain something I can’t explain was happening. And then Carla says, “Alex has something really important he wants to tell you.”

There was a short pause, Carla reports, “There is NOT a nothingness when you die. When you die, it is so beautiful and perfect… it will make you cry. The world after you die is not empty; it is the world of the body that is empty.” Carla goes on to explain Alex’s description of the beautiful sounds of the afterlife and his utter fascination with all that he was learning.

Carla mentioned that she had never run across the following details in a reading before: Alex is in training to be a guardian or guide, and therefore allowed to transfer from this dimension to the next. He is learning how to assist humans by opening doors and windows of opportunities.

Since he died, when I really needed something to come through, I asked him for help. I would have called him on the phone if he was still here, but I did not have that luxury. I just spoke into the air and crazy stuff would happen. Unexpected calls, acceptances, awards and opportunities would find their way to me after years of hard work. Carla goes on to explain that “they” are pleased with Alex’s progress in learning to become a guardian and have allowed him to practice on me. Carla explained Alex gets very frustrated about not getting his assists to me correct and he has to remember not to do too much (very Alex!). Nothing he did was understated. Carla mentioned that he was under strict orders not to
get in the way of my discovery.

Carla told me things I didn’t necessarily want to hear but needed to hear. She explained how Alex died and I needed to know some of those details.

That is the beauty of Carla’s gift; she leaves you with the truth of the situation.

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