Carla – you are a very most amazing and magical person. You always make me feel so comfortable and thanks for reminding me to breathe.


Carla, thank you so much for reading me Monday night with such short notice. You are absolutely phenomenal. It is always fun to do a reading with you because you feel like you are talking to your lifelong best friend who knows as much about you as you know yourself (or more about you) … and is always willing to tell you about it, too. You always help me to keep in perspective that there is nothing to fear but fear itself. I have a smile on my face and absolutely beaming after my reading.

We started off with my concerns about moving out, and it is a wise idea – or not. You told me that this is something I should have done a long time ago. That was when we started talking about my fears and how I had allowed them to hold me back. I have been afraid of especially how my mom would react if I moved out. You told me that she is actually secretly excited about it, and so is my dad for that matter, and both are wishful that I would. That alone was a huge relief to me.

You also talked about how especially with my mom, she allows her own fears to become so huge and believes in them so much, it is actually making them come true. I have acted as a buffer between my parents and their relationship, as well. I knew this too, but hearing it come from you made it sound much different. You also told me my mom at times can be envious of how easy everything appears to be for me. This has helped me have a different perspective too, and not take certain things so personally, as well as, help understand certain behaviors from her.

We also talked at length about how tied together my mom and I are and that I really need to work on cutting that tie a little bit each day. You are right – that it is best for both of us. We also chatted about fears I have over my parent’s relationship and how it would be affected by me moving out… You told me it would be good because they will be forced to adjust to me not being in the middle all the time. They will actually have to deal with each other, and “fight it out like two little kids.” I am still smiling about that.

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