“If you want straightforward to-the-point answers, Carla Baron’s your psychic.”


I first heard about Carla from a friend of mine who had a reading done a couple months ago. I was initially pretty skeptical until my friend told me about what Carla had told her in her reading and how right on she was with everything. At this point I decided that I wanted to try going to a couple of local psychics in person first. I wasn’t disappointed with the answers I got from them but they were very vague responses to my questions. Then I decided to bite the bullet and give Carla a shot… And boy was I glad I did. If you want straightforward and to-the-point answers, she’s your person.

The primary reason and question I had for contacting Carla was regarding a guy I had been seeing and abruptly stopped hearing from. I was having a very difficult time moving on since I had no idea why he would stop calling or texting when we were having such a good time together. After telling Carla his first name and birth date, she immediately started giving me a brief overview of things that were going on in his life (family and work stuff), things that I knew already from when we were hanging out. I was speechless by how much she was telling me that was spot on! Carla then went on to tell me what was going on in his head and his reasoning for not pursuing what we had any further. Something that I really respect are honest answers and that was what she gave me. It sucked hearing that this guy lost interest because he did not consider me “wife” material and that he wasn’t the guy for me, but I’m really glad Carla didn’t just tell me what I wanted to hear.

After hearing that this guy and I would never amount to anything, I was pretty bummed and I’m pretty sure Carla could tell. She told me that she’s sees a relationship for me in September and goes on to give me a full on description of this guy including age and both physical and emotional characteristics. Needless to say, I am looking forward to September rolling around.

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