“The most striking thing for me was when Carla told me that my father had something wrong with his lungs and trouble breathing. He is dying of Mesothelioma.”

I have never spoken to a psychic before. It didn’t mean I was a skeptic, more that I was afraid to find out about my life and confront some really painful things. The approaching death of my dad prompted me to overcome that fear and contact Carla.

Some background on me: I am a childhood survivor of sexual abuse by my older brother. A few months after my mother passed, I was told by my father that my mom never told him about my abuse. My mother or father lied to me. I wasn’t sure which. The pain was and is incredible. My father will be dying any day of cancer and I needed to know the truth of who knew and why the lies.

Now the reading:

Carla called and I think she could sense how nervous I was because she told me to breathe and try to relax several times. I gave her only minimal information about my parents, first names and birth dates, and she was able to convey their personalities and the fact that they both knew about what had happened to me as a child.

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