Carla knew my deceased mother had a bone marrow disease – I told her NOTHING!!!


Just finished having my first reading with Carla… how amazing! I told her that I wanted to connect with my Mom, who just passed away in February. Without knowing anything about her, she told me how elegant and very spiritual my Mom was. She also said that she had very strong beliefs, while here on earth; that she was a matriarch, not just to my family, but to everyone; she was a teacher to all. She was like a Native American Spirit… anchored in earthbound ways. She so nailed the essence of my Mom!! She said that I was confused by her exit and heartbroken and this is so true. I was so confused by it all and had many questions, none of which Carla knew about.

Carla explained that my Mom had an eroding away (receding) of the bone. It was like a ‘crater’ and was due to a bone disease. What Carla knew nothing about was that my Mom DID have a bone marrow disease for many years, and was being treated for it. I had no idea that this is what caused my Mom’s “back to go out” and her eventual demise. I wondered if I could have done anything different, to make my Mom’s outcome different, and was assured that I could not. What peace I feel, knowing this!


Published by Psychic Carla Baron

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