“By the end of our time together, I feel as light and bright as I was last December. You cleared away the log jam of debris that was in my soul and helped the flow of energy move through me again.”

Hi Carla,

I am a healer that has been feeling out of sorts and very lost. I want to thank you for responding to my request for a reading so quickly. I do believe the Universe knew that I needed your help today. Even us healers need a helping hand sometimes.

It was only a week ago that I went to visit the cemetery where my parents are buried because it was their birthdays. I sat at their headstone for a long time looking for answers and didn’t get any at the time. That was a difficult trip to make. Since that visit, I have begun to notice some very subtle and some “in your face” signs that all pointed me to you. Tonight you have given me the answers to the questions that I had asked my parents on the day of my visit.

The description you had of my Mom being impatient, or anxious about learning new things was spot on. She always did it her way and if that meant skipping a few steps to get to the end result, she did it. Being a cookbook or learning a new program for the computer, she made it her own and in her own way. I know that the personality of our loved ones is carried over into Spirit. What I did not know, but learned tonight, is that the lessons not learned here in the physical realm can still be learned in the spirit realm. With me not being able to hear her, but she can hear me, and knowing why, I will be spending more time talking to her.

My Dad was here on Earth to protect and serve my Mom as her husband, her Knight in shining armor. He also proudly served and protected the community we lived in, as his career was that of a police officer. Now in the spirit realm he comes to check on me and my youngest daughter to make sure that we are ok. Still protecting he is. You had also said that I will meet my dad`s soul again sometime in the far distant future, somewhere around the year 2500 where he is my teacher and he teaches me how to communicate with telepathy.

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