Once again Carla was the conduit to information that changed everything. I learned about loved ones here and already passed over.


Paying It Forward

In Sept. 2007, I had my first reading with Carla. Following the death of my son earlier that year I was lost, living in tremendous pain and confusion. The things Carla helped me learn that day changed everything. Out of a wealth of information I not only received great comfort, but was also instructed not to let my son’s absence ruin my life. This is a lesson I have referred to thousands of times. I have always carried enormous gratitude to Carla for her help. Yes, she does charge for her services. This is the way she makes her living. But my gratitude stems from the fact that she is so willing to share her gift to better the lives of others.

Since my last contact with Carla I’ve also lost my beloved husband, amazing Daddy and precious Mother. The grief has almost killed me at times, and my main “emotions” have often been bewilderment combined with numbness. My life is running over with questions for which there do not seem to be any answers. I fear that if I make an incorrect choice everything will collapse like a house of card.. so I’m often afraid to make any move at all.

This morning as I drank my coffee I wondered if I would ever regain focus, if I would ever be able to sleep again, if I would ever see the day when I’m not completely overwhelmed with decisions and responsibility. And in a moment of absolute inspiration and clarity it came to me – get in touch with Carla.

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