It felt good to connect through you and it was so amazing how accurate your reading was!



First I want to thank you for taking the time to give me a session I want to share my testimonial with you and others. I was very nervous about having a reading in the beginning because with past events in my life I wasn’t sure if I had this “black cloud” over me. I thought maybe I had a bad soul. Through you – I was able to find out my soul was alright and it was good that if I was ever taken from this earth I would be okay. I am not afraid anymore. It felt good to connect through you and it was so amazing how accurate your reading was!

This was my very first reading. You stated you saw I was going to be moving soon but to not get too comfortable because I would be moving again up north. There was NO WAY you could have known that so I knew you were right on with my reading!

I am currently moving on a temporary basis then moving back up north because I enjoy the beautiful mountains!

There was more, but it’s private between you and me on a more personal level – thank you again for a terrific reading!

I look forward to another one.


Tammie from Anchorage, Alaska

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