I had recently been taken advantage of by another psychic who told me that I had a curse and “bad luck” on me. She led me to believe if I did all of these crazy things that my husband (who I am separated from) and I would resolve our issues. She worked hard to get money out of me and when I caught on, she started to say things like if I didn’t made large monetary sacrifices this bad luck would never leave me and my children would be at harm. While I knew she was after my money, I was concerned about this “curse” and my children’s safety. I needed to make sure this was not true.

As I told my friend this story, she said the only person I should consider calling was Carla.

Carla quickly responded to my appointment request and instantly made me feel that she cared. She talked about my husband, and while I was not aware of some of the things she told me, when she described my husband’s behavior – she nailed it. She explained that we would try again but that he wouldn’t be able to change – so while the love is there, so is all the other “crap.” I felt this to be exactly right. I know we both love each other very much – I’m just not sure it’s enough to keep us together. Carla explained that we would talk about getting back together here and there, but it wouldn’t happen for a little while. This makes sense because we have already has a few of these conversations.

I then asked Carla about the curse and my children.

Carla emphatically said to me – “NO MORE GYPSIES!”

She explained that REAL psychics would never use words like “curse” and “bad luck” and that it was simply not true.





About Psychic Carla Baron

Internationally renowned psychic/medium ~ star of "Haunting Evidence"(truTV), "MysteryQuest" (History Channel), “Psychic Hollywood: The Search for Truth” (E! Entertainment), "Dead Famous" (Biography), MTV's FEAR, "Psychic Detectives", ABC's Primetime, WE tv, 20/20 on WE
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