“Wherefore Art Thou, my Knight of Wands?”

So I wake up this morning to some fragrant Kona w/ Coconut Creme, and was drawn for some mysterious reason to look upon my antique bookcase painted forest green, smudged in black. I had vacuumed yesterday, so I guess some of my tarot cards on the top shelf fell over.

(I would not have noticed this for some time, unless I sensed to glance over there this morning.)

The card revealed was none other than the Knight of Wands.

The tarot deck in question was given to me by my mother – a vintage Rider-Waite deck..

(Hoi Polloi Tarot) ~

I used this deck when I first became acquainted w/ the tarot. It was easy enough to learn the basics. But since then, I’ve never once actually thrown what is known as a tarot spread.

(I tend to go off-grid that way with pretty much ALL things in my life.)

Ok .. back to my bookcase.
(See – that’s exactly what I’m talking about with the Gemini moon effect – got 1,000 things swirling at one time in this psychic vessel!)

Like I said earlier, yesterday was all about the home maintenance – and vacuuming was on the list. About 10 of the tarot cards from this deck on display had cascaded over silently, escaping notice.

Normally I tell my clients, or those that wish to learn more about the psychic arts, that you should not take every little thing as a SIGN. It doesn’t work that way. Signs, or messages, are more powerful if transmitted ONLY during moments when the universe requires your express, undivided attention. Then you will be able to divine its true meaning within a more balanced, accurate frame of reference.

The random images I select when drawing from the tarot decks are the perfect accompaniment to my firefly psychic nature.

The natal moon placement in my astro chart happens to fall in the sign of Gemini (hence, the firefly tie-in.) Sometimes I refer to this electrical symphony of sparks surrounding me as Tinkerbell energy. (Lucky girl am I to have this everlasting sparkler source.)

One interpretation of the Knight of Wands:

“Across an arid desert landscape a charging light brown stallion carries the Knight. He has on a full suit of armor and an outer shawl decorated in the colors and patterns that match the other Wand Court Cards (Page, Queen, and King of Wands). On his helmet is a red plume that resembles flames as it flaps in the wind caused by his speeding horse. He has plumes on the armor surrounding his arms that match in color and wind-blown ferocity. With the same arm he tightly clutches his horse’s rein. In his right arm he carries the walking staff known in the Tarot deck as a Wand. He raises it above his head as his horse charges on.

Fire is a metaphor for speed. Without a flame being lit, this card is on fire! The heat of the desert, the cloudless sky, the red headed knight racing to complete a task, the fiery plumage, it is all a card of immediacy and, with the Suit of Wands, creativity. The Tarot was invented long before electricity was harnessed. Had it been a more recent development, you can bet that the Knight of Wands would be pictured with a light bulb over his head! This Knight is riding his horse fast because of a sudden inspiration. Something can be solved and it is up to the Knight to get the solution out to the world. In the Tarot, Knights deliver, most often for the greater good.”

Delving further ..

“In the future position, you can take comfort in knowing that a great idea or creative spurt is coming your way. The Knight in the future position is often likely to represent someone else, not you. This could represent a man coming into your life. The Knight of Wands represents other people who are charismatic, intelligent, or artistic; they have a flair for saying the right thing at the right time. This is the recipe for seduction. Be sure he is more than just a passion poet looking for the quick score, though. The speed represented by this card should manifest as both of you falling in love, not him quickly seducing you and moving on soon after.”


“This could represent a man coming into your life.”

Yes. Indeed. Let the courtship begin!

How exciting is it the universe may be alerting me to this amazing turn of events for me on a personal level. (And I do take this as a significant ‘sign,’ seeing how I rarely fall prey to the Every-Little-Thing-That-Happens-Means-What? trapping.)

Currently, I use the Quest Tarot for my primary readings & television work as I am inspired by the brilliant and colorful imagery within. (Previous to this, I had been favoring the Tarot of the Spirit.)

Again – my random selection of each card I throw is but a diversion for my hands … something to stimulate the psychic visions flying across my ‘third eye’ landscape. The connection generated between my hands – eyes – brain seems to complete the circuitry necessary to peer into the Unknown (or Known, as the case may be.)

The cards serve me well as a perpetual pier’ off which to embark on my psychic voyages. A favorite tv producer I had worked with on Haunting Evidence pointed out, “Carla, you don’t even need the cards. You’re one hell of a psychic/ medium without them!”

I know I don’t need to utilize the cards, but I like to be able to check & double-check myself during any envisioning process. (Makes for a more seasoned & professional reader.)

Now …

WHERE is my Knight of Wands ?

ಌ๑◦★☾☆ ¸¸.•*¨✬

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