“Carla has not only accurately predicted many of my life’s events, but CHANGED my life in ways she will never understand.”

Thank you AGAIN, Carla, for your wonderful advice and insight.

Just to dip into the past real quick, I had a reading with you a few years back and you told me about my anxiety BEFORE I ever brought it up! You gave me solutions to it that no doctor ever had ever mentioned, because they didn’t know I had “too much metal” in my system, which is what you found!

Oddly, after we spoke back then it wasn’t until a week or so after we talked that I remembered having a little meditative talk with my guide before bed one night (2 weeks before my talk with you) asking for an answer to why I had panic attacks. I dreamed that night that I was vomiting up paper clips, long strands of them. TOO MUCH METAL IN MY BODY!!! I got such a literal answer from my guide that I didn’t even catch it. Until, of course, I spoke with you – and then later made the connection.

Also, you had told me about where I would be working next and you kept saying – “It’s a store you find in the mall.” I said “I don’t want to work in retail!” and you said, “No, behind the scenes.” You said you saw me with “clothes all over the place,”.. “like almost piled on top of me.” Well, that is exactly what my daily work life is like now. I work for a corporate office for a store “found in the mall,” I work with a team to get items photographed to be put on our website. One day when I first started my job I looked down and realized that I had a “PILE of clothing on my lap almost to my chin,” and its like that every day. Crazy!

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