Psychics and their “visions” regarding Holly Bobo

(PARSONS, Tennessee) – Nursing student Holly Bobo, 20, was last seen being led by a camouflage-clad man into the woods near their home on Wednesday morning (April 13, 2011) about the time she normally would leave for school. Holly Bobo is cousin to famous country music artist, Whitney Duncan.

I know that so many are concerned, and want to just contribute anything that might help in the search for Holly on behalf of her family.

But having worked on numerous cases such as this (“Haunting Evidence” — most notably Natalee Holloway, JonBenet Ramsey, The Zodiac, amongst others).. the posts I have seen sprinkled throughout the internet from those who claim to have psychic visions or impressions .. this is NOT how investigations utilizing true psychics are conducted. The information is random, and although well-intentioned I’m sure – nothing within professional standards or parameters.

I’m sorry if I have offended some sensitive individuals out there, and I know you are just trying to help.

But in actuality —

This behavior casts a questionable light on psychics who work on crime scenes, myself included. (Although, I am more immune as my reputation w/ law enforcement and within this realm sets me in an upper echelon, as it were.)

All I ask is please do not post these “thoughts” or “impressions” publicly on a case you are not officially working. It can be more damaging, than helpful, during the investigative process.

~ Carla Baron, star of TruTV’s “Haunting Evidence” (formally Court TV)

*(You may read more on my offer to officially assist in the Holly Bobo investigation on my Facebook fan page: . This would be “pro bono” as this particular case is one of the rare few in which I feel a personal ‘connect.’ )

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