“I live in my beautiful house now as I write this.. ALL this came to pass because of Carla’s guidance.”


My first question that I had was about the house I’m trying to purchase. I have been in this process for 5 months. It was one thing after another and now they want money that I just don’t have. I’m a single mother trying to give my children a stable home. She said they know my desperation and what they are trying to do is illegal. Oh, my beautiful house. I want this house so much. She reassured me that I would have this house but I will have to wait. For me to get this house I have to first report my case to the fair housing market. I’m a true Libra and try to avoid confrontation but also I am the sign of the scales which is balance and justice.

I wanted to give you an update…I had sent to you an email telling you how things started working after I contacted Fair Housing. Well there was a turn of events. You had specifically told me that there was something illegal going on with the deal with my house.

Exactly what you said would happen if I reported to fair housing. What had taken 5 months now was ready to close within 2 weeks. Hmmm…How wonderful plus the new lender found grants that were available to me. I went from paying up front closing cost of over $7000 to paying a total of $400 in closing cost.

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