Throughout the reading, Carla kept using terms, phraseology ..that she could NOT have known!

I just had my first reading with Carla. My sister has been a client of hers for years and I believe my sister is a better stronger, more fulfilled, soul due to Carla’s guidance and insight. I hit a low point in my life and my sister suggested I schedule a reading with Carla. I honestly was afraid about the phone call and what she may say. We spoke for about 45 minutes and she gave me the wake up call I needed. I asked her for insight and guidance into my marriage…….in just a few sentences she concisely and accurately described my husband and our relationship. I did not tell her anything! She stated that my husband often feels like “the low man on the totem pole” and I was in disbelief as that is what he is always saying!!! Throughout the reading she kept using terms and phraseology that I or others in my life use that she could NOT have known!



Published by Psychic Carla Baron

Internationally renowned psychic/medium ~ star of "Haunting Evidence"(truTV), "MysteryQuest" (History Channel), “Psychic Hollywood: The Search for Truth” (E! Entertainment), "Dead Famous" (Biography), MTV's FEAR, "Psychic Detectives", ABC's Primetime, WE tv, 20/20 on WE

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