Mother/Daughter Reading from Wisconsin… Mother states, “I’m no longer a skeptic!”

Hi Readers! My name is Stephanie and I live in Wisconsin . And if you are like me, you’ll find yourself mesmerized reading the rest of Carla’s amazing and accurate testimonials online – wanting to call and make your own appointment. The 6th sense has always fascinated me. I learned of Carla through her Haunting Evidence TV show.  I read her testimonials online at her website and her posts on her FB fan page. I always wanted to get a reading from a good psychic. There are a lot out there on the internet; however, reading Carla’s daily posts on FB assured me she was authentic and wasn’t out there to just make a buck. Not only that, she seems to stay in tune with her customers and takes the time to update us with new happenings. She is for real.


My name is Debra and I am from WI. My daughter has been following Carla and called me one day to check out Carla’s Haunting Evidence show and look at her facebook page and website. A few weeks passed and I kept watching her website and ended up reading all of her testimonials. After reading, I called my daughter and said, “I’m hooked.”

Carla described my family dead on. She was able to put a perspective on the person I am and the situation with my siblings; using analogies that I could relate to and better understand and see as an outsider.

After speaking with Carla, I must say I feel very relaxed, like a load has been lifted off my shoulders. I’m no longer a skeptic …

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