“I feel like a gorilla has been lifted off my back!”

I had a reading with Carla today. Wow, what much needed insight I have gained. I was stuck and being consumed by my circumstances and needed guidance desperately. You will have to forgive my grammar because my mind is racing with clarity on so many things and I am writing as I am thinking. This testimonial is for me as much as it is for you. I wanted you to know that I gave Carla nothing to go on. I wanted to make sure I didn’t hand feed her the answers so I made my questions short and sweet. She filled in all the details with her insight. It was scary how many details she knew. She knew everything, all the intimate details of my life and all my desires. Don’t get me wrong. She didn’t sugar coat things. I got some answers I didn’t want to hear. Anyway, here are the questions I asked.

I awaited the phone call nervously. This could and probably would change my life. She instantly put me at ease. We got straight into the questions I had. My first question that I had was about the house I’m trying to purchase. I have been in this process for 5 months…


What an experience. I feel like a gorilla has been lifted off my back! With all her predictions, Carla found out the details to the situation AFTER she read for the situation. Her insight and accuracy was amazing.


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