Days after… that’s when I remembered Carla’s prediction, and knew this is my soulmate. She nailed all the details and pretty much the timing!

I’ve been a client of Carla now for well over 6 years, which should tell you something.

This is not my first testimonial and definitely not my last, as she always gets her timing and predictions right!!

So this testimonial is about a reading I had last year in the summer of 2018. I called to get some answers about this guy I started dating. Carla said she didn’t see it getting serious as this guy just got out of a serious relationship. She was right cuz things didn’t move along with this guy. I was hoping to hear different, but she says it like it is (doesn’t sugar coat it.) During this reading, she says that there is someone for me who is my soulmate. I answered saying I don’t really want anyone else as I’m only interested in the guy that I’m calling about.

She went on to say this guy that is my soulmate – he is ending a relationship. He has 2 kids and travels to my city for work. I will meet him at end of the year in December. I just said ok, not really giving it much thought or excitement as I had hopes with this other guy.

As the months went on – like I said – nothing was happening or moving with the guy I was seeing. We stopped seeing each other and there was very little communication.

In the first week of January 2019, a close friend invited me out for drinks but I wasn’t feeling up for it. They kept insisting and insisting, so I finally gave in and went. Just after an hour at this bar talking to a few friends I haven’t seen in a while, I spotted HIM and knew there was something about this guy I really liked. Long story short, we hit it off instantly. We even kissed that night and we both said we’ve never kissed anyone like that – which felt incredible. Indescribable feeling!!

Days after … that’s when I remembered Carla’s prediction, and knew this is my soulmate. She nailed all the details and pretty much the timing!! So the reading I did a few days ago, we shall she about the predictions Carla gave me and keep you posted.


Toronto, Canada


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Past Lives Reveal Hidden Meanings Behind Fears Manifesting In This Lifetime

Ok, so I had a 45-min long read with Carla this eve, mainly because I am having a horrific time at work and desperate to leave. I have been applying for jobs left right and centre but not much has been happening. Carla calmed me down and said she saw the role I am going to will arise in the next two weeks. She said it will be a career-maker of a move, and will carve a great career path for me. I am so excited for that to occur!! (Will report back once it has.)

After that topic, I decided to ask Carla about past lives, and how they relate to some fears I have had in this life. Those fears being two things: fear of men, and also fear of heights.

Re the fear of men, this has been something that has been with me since day dot, hence why I wondered if there was something from a past life thing relating to this. My first memory of this relates to when I was in the playground as a very young child, and a boy teasing that they wanted to kiss me, and me literally FREAKING out. I went home and was hysterical to my mother that I couldn’t go to school the next day because it terrified me so much. Totally disproportionate and extreme reaction. Through life I did go on to have boyfriends, etc., but things always have to move suuuper slow and if they go too quick in the initial stages then game over completely – takes a lot for me to trust intentions, etc.

Anyway so Carla looks into this, and she reported that she could see me as a dark-haired teenager living in a city by the ocean and working as a … prostitute. Carla was like “I don’t mean to offend.” Lol. She said that a group of sailors/ pirates came to town, and kidnapped me. She said they had no intention of paying for the “services” they wanted from me, so they took me and kept me as their sex slave on their boat. There they repeatedly took turns with me. She said that I begged them to kill me, and that I would have killed myself – except that I was permanently tied up and so wasn’t able to do so. Carla said that after a couple of years of this, I died of scurvy, and that she could see my skin covered in pus-covered sores. She commented that she had never seen anyone die from scurvy before. So I was like WOW. I wasn’t sure what I was going to hear, but that completely blew my mind! And what Carla didn’t know, is that I actually am a sailor in this life! As a hobby that is, I have done it for several years. And being female, I quite often am the only female or one of only a few females, on boats full of men. Carla said that my sailing in this life is a way of healing from this past life, and it’s to get over those latent fears. Wowzer! Incidentally, all the men I have ever sailed with have been proper old-school gentlemen.

My second fear was my fear of heights, which is a really crippling fear that I have. Just watching someone skydive on tv brings me out in sweaty palms. But again, no real rationale explanation for it.

So Carla looks, and reports that she sees me this time in a past life as a young man. She said that I was in a group of men who travelled to climb mountain ranges all over the world – we were known for our ascending of heights, Carla said – it was almost like Olympic level, and that we were extremely fit. I traveled with 2 other men and we were extremely close friends. Carla said that the three of us were on a trip climbing in Antarctica. We were ascending a height and I was attached by equipment where there was a strap attached around my waist. Anyway, due to the intense cold the strap snapped, and I fell and died. Carla said that my two friends made a structure and carried me all the way down, where they cried over my dead body. This made me feel very emotional. She said that of my two friends, one of them gave up climbing altogether after that, and whilst the other went on to climb – it was never the same for him. Jeeeez.

What Carla didn’t know, is that I have a thing for mountains, and that I love hiking. Unfortunately though, over the years, health problems have prevented me hiking as much as I would like. I also have an aversion to the cold, and I really really feel the cold, I am very sensitive that way, I literally cannot bear being cold. I also love reading books on expeditions by mountaineers, and in my bookcase I have a book about 3 men that travelled across Antarctica to the South pole, and books on Everest, as well as other places. It’s always held a fascination for me. I read about them because that level of hiking is not something that I would be able to do myself. Now I understand why I am drawn to it though!

Oh and Carla also said that the Antarctica life was in the 1800s, can you imagine being in that region with what they had available clothing-wise in that era! Brrrrr!! The level of cold is just not even imaginable.

So all I can say is, mind completely blown!!! My read was today, and I don’t feel I have properly digested everything yet that I heard. Explains a lot of things for def. Carla has blown me away once again!

Thank you so much Carla!

Kent, UK

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New Year, New Start

I contacted Carla after having been away for a couple years. I’ve been worried about my Dad as he’s older and frail now.

She said she sees him falling down, hitting his head severely and going to the hospital. After hearing this, I prayed to Jesus, my guides and angels to help me prevent this.

Well, the other day, I got to his house later than normal and went upstairs to check on him. He needed help to get from the restroom to his bed and while I was helping him, his legs gave out. Fortunately, his fall was cushioned by the bed and I was able to guide him to the floor. He still went to the hospital, but only for observation and not the severity of what it could have been had I not been right there. I felt so relieved and grateful for Carla’s vision as I feel it helped me to ask my guides for protection and they did.

In fact, several things Carla said a couple years ago have come to pass, as well. She had said the relationship I had back then would fall away, but it wouldn’t be painful. And that’s what happened. It was still a bit painful, but not like a big breakup. Plus she said he’d come back and I wouldn’t be interested. This happened too.

She said my workplace would squeeze me out and I should get a different job. Well, this happened too. But because I am close to retirement, I was able to arrange a work-from-home situation and this is working well for me for now.

I really value Carla’s insight and like to call to help me navigate my life better – as a tool to see potential roadblocks and minimize them and to see new directions that may be better for me.

Will be calling again soon!

Denver, Colorado


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Today is 9th November 2018 – the person that Carla said would turn up on the 10th November 2018 actually arrived today – a whole day early!

Timing is Everything.. boy, is it ever!

I had a reading with Carla in mid-October 2018, to get some clarity on a flurry of unforeseen circumstances that had arisen – of course – all at the same time and all needing dealing with one way or another.

Well, as I needed to make coherent and pragmatic plans in order to sort out these circumstances, I really needed, quite desperately, to know the timings involved for certain events and people to make their appearances, so that I could be well-prepared and organized enough to deal with them -and then, be able to deal with the new set of circumstances which would be triggered as a result.

As I asked Carla – “OK, when will I find the person I need to do this for me?” (I, myself, thought I did a great job of hiding my desperation, by the way) she answered with her usual and ever-so-charismatic and casual flair – “10th November – around that date – don’t fix too hard on that exact date, but 10th November.”

Well, of course I restrained myself really well – I thought – as she then went into the why’s and wherefore’s of how the best life is lived knowing that “everything always works out in the end – always, and that those things and people which bother us the most, are of course all just playing their part and that it’s living life in true appreciation, which really brings us to where we need to be.” So, my desperation and my ‘needing to know’ was well and truly outed – and as a result – it seemed to all just melt away as those words gently, rolled on down the Skype line!

Today is 9th November 2018 – the person that Carla said would turn up on the 10th November 2018 actually arrived today – a whole day early! – and a whole new lot of ‘melting away of angst’ happened all over again!

Carla is like the digital time-keeper of the great, vast, unknown..she is exact, en-pointe and resolute in her offerings, when asked to give a timing to an event that will occur.

Forget the fretting..just ask Carla!

With lots of Love from London England, Carla – Thank you!!!

London, UK

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Alone in the Dark: An Oral History of MTV’s Fear

by Jake Rossen for Mental Floss


The horror reality show gave contestants their own cameras and set them loose in purportedly haunted locations. The crew still can’t explain what happened next.

(Some article highlights below)

Phillips: We had [psychic] Carla Baron come in advance and decide where the paranormal readings were. They’d tell us, “Be in this room.” Carla was lovely and intense. We all believed in her abilities.

Carla Baron (Medium): Cris Abrego called me, or I called him. A friend of mine knew Bonnie Hammer at MTV and suggested me for the series. So we talked and I said, “You should change the name of the show from Fear to MTV’s Fear because the numerology would be much more successful for you.” He said, “You’re freaking me out. The network just called and wants to change the name to MTV’s Fear.”

Manes: Some of these places had been condemned. You couldn’t trust the floors.

Baron: I’d go through rooms and see what latent spiritual activity was there—if there was anything dangerous, anything unresolved, if there were spirits that needed to move on.

Flynn: I’m not sure where we were, but there was a time when a crew member always felt like he had a hand on his back. One time he took a digital picture and in the center of the frame was something that looked like a tear. It was like a rip in the space-time continuum.

Baron: A crew member got pushed down the stairs at the penitentiary by something. He was by himself. He fell all the way down. He was so frightened he almost quit the show.

Baron: I went back to my hotel when we were doing Eastern State Penitentiary and something followed me back there. I got a call asking if this was Carla. It was someone with an Indian accent. I called production right away and asked if they had sent anyone over. They said no one had called me. We signed agreements where we can’t tell anyone where we were going. Nobody knew I was there. I called the front desk. There were no calls that night. I talked to someone for five minutes who knew my name.

At midnight, there’s a knock on the door so loud it could wake the dead. I said, “Who’s there?” Someone said, “housekeeping.” I swung the door open. There are 50 rooms to either side of me. No one was there.

With the environment of each episode carefully laid out, producers largely sat back and allowed the foreboding atmosphere to influence the contestants’ behavior.

Colton: In a zero-visibility environment, your mind becomes a vehicle for some intense hallucinations. You think you’re seeing things and you’re not. Their minds were their own worst enemies.

Phillips: We had to run multiple kids through the same dare sometimes to get one clean enough to use. They’re screaming and dropping the camera.

Baron: I said, “Look, someone needs to talk to the kids before they go into these locations. They have no idea what they’re dealing with.”

Olmstead: If a dare didn’t further the story, or if it didn’t play out on camera, we’d cut it. Sometimes we wanted to release tension or wanted something to be funny, like a good horror movie.

Kunert: I remember the first time we had a séance, the network said, “No more séances.”

Larsen: That was a kid performing a séance in the basement of the Fairfield asylum. He started speaking in tongues and acting weird. It was like he was communicating with the dead. Watching it live, I was like, “What the hell is going on?” It freaked him out and freaked us out, like, “Wow, maybe we better not mess with a Ouija board.” It was the last time we used that.

Baron: One kid had marks on her leg that no one could have made. She was in a room all by herself.

Barreto: We were at a military academy that had been open in the 1890s. The dare was for a woman to go down into a subterranean room and stand in a cross position, waiting for some spirit to reach out to her. We’re monitoring it and hearing what sounds like someone having sex. Like, whoa, this is weird. She comes back to the safe house and explains that she was molested by a ghost.

Baron: When people quit, they did it with real tears. They’d be shaking. It was psychological terror.

Barreto: Two years ago, I was sitting in a cafe in Los Angeles. A woman walks in and says, “Hey, aren’t you Luis Barreto?” It was the same woman. She introduced herself as the woman who had been molested by a ghost. I thought she had gone crazy. She said, “No, no, I got back home and was fine.”

Although it’s not commercially available and rarely seen in reruns, Fear fans have kept word of the series alive by uploading episodes on YouTube. More than 16 years after the last episode aired, it continues to be an inspiration to other paranormal-themed projects both on television and in film.

Baron: MTV was pioneering with this. I met the [cast of the Syfy docuseries] Ghost Hunters, Jason [Hawes] and Grant [Wilson], and they thanked me. They said, “Carla, if Fear hadn’t happened, our show wouldn’t exist.” We were the first show of its kind.

Colton: Paranormal Activity was just a higher-budget Fear. People looking into cameras and talking.

Cassidy: If you look at Paranormal Activity, I think the visual tropes of the show—that grainy, dark video that conveyed authenticity—lived on.

Breier: It was a time when reality TV was a new concept. It wasn’t established as the successful thing it became.

Colton: I think if you brought back Fear today it would have to be more high-tech. I think the tastes of the audience have changed.

Cassidy: Like with a lot of reality stuff, the bar has been raised. At the time, there wasn’t a huge plethora of supernatural ghost hunting shows. But human behavior is always fascinating. It could work. Visually, we have more tools to cover the experience.

Manes: If people realize I was involved in Fear, they usually ask, “Did you believe it? Did you believe the places were haunted?” I come from a skeptical state of mind, but crew members had experiences that were unexplainable. It opened my mind to maybe there’s something more than I believe there was. These places were genuinely scary.

Flynn: I learned a lot from Fear that I took into making movies, like The Exorcism of Emily Rose. There’s a theory and a concept about opening yourself up to these things. If you allow yourself to see the devil, the devil can see you.

(Read the article in its entirety HERE)


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