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  • Carla is the truth!
    Carla is the truth! I’ve spoken to her three times. The first time was in 2014 when she predicted a business I would create that I had no idea was coming. Over the next few years everything aligned perfectly for me to create this business. […]
  • In talking with Carla, she correctly identified so many elements pertaining to family members on both occasions… it’s kinda creepy.
    This is the second reading that I have had from Carla over the period of a year. Both times she identified that my son was angry with me (true), but that he knows my grandson is better off being a part of our lives and OUR home is the best fit for my grandson […]
  • “All I could do was laugh. Carla was right again.”
    I’ve had several readings from Carla, but one recent one stands out. I was selling my house and she told me it would sell in August. I put the house on the market at the beginning of July and had a buyer the 1st day. […]
  • Love Lights Still For You
    I am extremely thankful and grateful for my session with Psychic Carla Baron. I read about her experiences helping law enforcement finding people, but my friend asked if she could find my lost love of 50 years. I wrote her giving her very little information except to stress how deeply I loved this man and felt he couldn’t be found. […]
  • Carla Is The Only Psychic I Trust!
    I have been using Carla’s readings for over I believe almost 2 years now and will continue the rest of my Life!! The reason I say this is because she is so accurate, spot on, and its amazing!! She has guided me through the living and the ones that have passed on. I had many questions addressed through her […]
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